CE 2411 06: MORE CSS 07/19/16

Complete Code review for 14, 15, and 16
– Try :first child selector
– Try External CSS
– Try CSS opacity hover

Ch. 14
List styles
List images
Table Properties
Even the Cursor can change
Lists are important for drop down menus:
Drop, example
Pick your poison

Ch. 15
Best review
The power of “Z” and test code
Float and Clear
They have semantic difference – a “div” element is designed to describe a container of data whereas a “p” element is designed to describe a paragraph of content. (Nesting: you can not nest anything in a “p” tag)
Review Float with examples
Putting it together
3 vs 2
Float and Clear
Another explanation of the FLOAT
Layout without Tables
Another Example
What to do with the “Z”
Next Week: Media Rules, 2 column, and 3 column layout. Media queries – using multiple CSS

Ch. 16
Image Size
Alignment (Note: using Float)
Centering options
The float is key
Next Week: Image Rollovers and Sprites

Sources to Review:
– More about the “Z”
Flaunt it
3 columns
more 3s

Float Tutorial
Inline block tutorial
Horizontal Align
Try the Z-index
Try implementing a drop down menu