IDES 322 06: CONTINUE WITH CSS 02/23/16

Revise Usability maps, Site Map, Wireframes and Prototypes based on feedback (completed by next class)
Complete Code review for 11 and 13
Create at least 3 HTML pages, using CSS to complete the following on each page:
1. place background image,
2. Use the “box model”
3. Use pseudo classes

Best examples
CSS Rules
External CSS. Here is how
Class, ID and Grouping Book, pg. 238.
Cascading – Book, pg. 239.
CSS priorities
Color names
Opacity – roll over using JavaScript:
Try it using the CSS – hover property

Studio 06: More CSS
Sources to Review:
CSS Layout

Read: Chapter 3, 14 and 15.
Complete Code review for 3, 14 and 15
CSS: Try opacity + hover

Process and Design:
Process: Revise wire frames/prototype based on class feedback
DESIGN: Create site interface in PSD or AI. Output as a .JPEG. We will review in class next week.
MID TERM: Process documentation due on Tuesday, March 15th.
Example: 1, 2, 3, 4