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Radio: Syllabus

Radio Workshop
Professor: Juan Parada
M-F: 1-4PM
Office: 1211B – Mailbox on 11th floor
Office Hours: By Appointment only

Course Description:
An exploration of radio and its evolution and its practical application through our Web Radio station – WRTZ Radio.
Major Learning Objectives/Competencies:
• How will a student demonstrate that he/she has learned? Class participation and discussions.
• What observations will be made that will demonstrate the
student’s competence? Class participation is key. Every semester, the main challenge will be to set up programming and have a working schedule as soon as possible.

50%: participation
50%: Assignments

Laptop computers and other mobile devices are invaluable tools for students when used responsibly. However, this technology can also be incredibly distracting, especially in the classroom. When in class, you may use your laptops and other devices for any activities pertaining to the course: taking notes, researching material relevant to our readings and discussions, making class presentations, etc. As a general rule, the following uses are unacceptable: checking e-mail (unless you are sending me an assignment or asking a question), instant messaging, texting, using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or ANY other social networking sites.

Course Schedule:
Session 1 – Introduction to the studio and to WRTZ radio. We will have a discussion on Radio and how it has evolved over time. Commercial radio to the current formats that are increasingly available. Introduction to radio programming (how to create pre-recorded radio programming).

• Think about the kind of radio programming you would like to create.
• Listen to terrestrial radio.
• Listen to web radio.
• What are the differences?

Session 2 – Programming. Review the different kinds of radio programming on commercial and web radio. Review radio formats and discuss the way in which web radio is increasingly becoming niche focused. Using GarageBand to create prerecorded shows. Producing curated playlists using Live365. Review upload process and legal issues surrounding copyrighted material. Remember, we can include station IDs, and commentary.

• Create a 1 hour, pre-recorded radio program in Garageband or Logic. Export as an MP3 file for review.
• Think about when you want your show to “Air”.
• Send me (email- a show description and image for the Programming grid.
• Transfer songs and playlist along with all extra sound clips to the TA for upload. When would you like your curated playlist to “Air”?

Session 3 – Put Programming Grid in place and collect content to upload (MP3s, playlists). We start programming today! Promoting your show and the station. Using social media and other methods, start promoting your shows. Review strategies and data metrics.
Broadcasting from the WRTZ studio. Intro and review in the studio. Practice your live chops. We will be starting live streaming blocks from the studio during the next class time.

• Be prepared to broadcast live from the studio.
• Promote your show in order to get an audience.

Session 4 – Live Broadcasting from the WRTZ studio