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Using social media to drive users to…
Know your SM Platforms
Leading Sources of referrals

Current VTJ Media Properties:
Website. (Rap Video link is not intuitive)
Twitter (not VTJ specific).
Insta. add more video & animation
– SnapChat
– TikTok (Important)

1. Goals:
What is the purpose of your social media efforts? Do you want to create or raise awareness of your brand? Are you looking to increase website traffic?

2. Target Audience:
Clearly define who your target audience is. How will you specifically reach them?

3. Competitive Research:
What are similar campaigns doing. Identify and analyze.

4. Choose Channels:
Twitter, Instagram, FB? Why, specifically?

5. Content Strategy:
You need to develop a strong content plan that will deliver engaging material. The content needs to align with your overall messaging and be appropriate for the channels you’re using. Frequency is important!

6. Engage:
How will you encourage interaction?

7. Metrics and Analysis:
Once you set your objectives, make sure you can measure them. Find the right tools to track and analyze each one, so that you can quantify your progress.

Next Steps:
Web Radio? and Podcasting
Live Video
Consider a “scratch” site
Social Media Agregators
Use FB and Instagram “Stories” for immediate content.